Auschwitz Talk

In 2015 I became very interested in learning about the Holocaust. This began with meeting Auschwitz survivor, Eva Kor at her Holocaust museum in Terre Haute several years ago. As a result, I traveled with a group led by Eva Kor, to Poland in January 2015, for the 70th Commemoration of the Liberation of Auschwitz. It was a wonderful trip to a terrible place. I began doing talks about my experiences at Auschwitz, not long after returning in January. I decided I needed more information, so I made a second trip to Poland in June, 2015 on my own before joining Eva and the summer group in Krakow. 

I now offer my talk to schools and libraries about my two trips. I do not charge for my talks, but I do ask for a contribution to CANDLES Holocaust Museum. Most libraries have a "Friends of the Library" group that pay this donation in the form a check written directly to CANDLES, not me. I, so far, have received donations from $100 - 200. My talks do not show any graphic images that you may be familiar with - I use my own photos that I took while in Poland. I suggest that my program is best for ages 12, on up. I have spoken at libraries in Seymour, Columbus, Charlestown, Jeffersonville, Nashville, Ft. Wayne, Anderson, Osgood, Pendleton and many others. You may contact them to see what they thought of my program - so far, I have received nothing but positive comments.

I typically ask for 1.5 hours to present my program. I will need a screen and digital projector. I will bring my own iPad and connector cables. I also bring along a one-page handout for the audience. Below is a 5-minute video about my talk.

References - click here for a list of librarians who you can contact to ask about my program.

Click here for a pdf flyer about my program.

Please note: I am not an official speaker for CANDLES Holocaust Museum (nor am I an official representative of CANDLES) - if you are looking for one of their speakers, please contact the museum directly.