What about videotaping our shows and selling copies?

I am ok with that, if it is done in-house and not to make any money. I did that when I taught. If, however,  you are doing it as a fundraiser, then you will need to pay a small royalty fee to me. Contact me and we will work it out.

If a professional company is being brought in to videotape and sell copies, then they will have to contact me personally - way in advance, to negotiate a fair deal. I have found out that some companies have done this, made a killing and never asked me for permission - which is a copyright violation.

Can you come and watch our performance?

I have done a little of that in the past, but it got to be too much when I was a full time teacher. Now that I am “retired”, I do have a little more free time, but I really am busy. If you are close, it might work out. If you are very far away, I would need travel expenses and maybe an appearance fee. One possibility would be to time a composer/author visit with me the day of your show. I would spend the day and then watch your show.       Contact me and we will see what I can do.