Indiana Song List

Song List

Indiana's My Home - this song has a LOT of names of interesting towns all over Indiana, plus a place to sing the name of your town!

Voices of the Past - a mysterious sounding song kids love about Indiana Indians. I have my kids do sign language with this song.

A Few Men Well Conducted - the title is a phrase spoken by George Rogers Clark many years ago. A song about the conquest of his men and the retaking of Vincennes. Very upbeat.

Song of Corydon - a song about our first state capital. The chorus repeats at the end - I have my kids show posters of our state symbols during the first time the chorus is played and then they sing the second time. You could also project those images on a screen at that time.

From a Boy to a Man - this is my favorite song in the musical about one of our greatest presidents. Tells of his time here, the loss of his mother and sister and why Indiana was important to his upbringing.

A Road in the Night - about the Underground Railroad coming through Indiana. Also mentions Katherine and Levi Coffin and how they helped slaves escape through our state.

What is a Hoosier? - a fun song about the "theories" about the word "Hoosier". My kids act it out and the audience always loves it. A good place for a little square dancing - good times.

Indiana's Game - an energetic rap about what else? Basketball! Have kids dribble and show off!

Indiana, That's Where I Belong - this song has become beloved all over Indiana - a great place in the musical to show images of Indiana in a slide show or PowerPoint presentation.